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RCF Group is a team of real-time problem solvers across multiple industries passionately focused on doing what’s right and best for our clients. At RCF Group, we create spaces that bring out the best in your team and the people they serve through future-forward solutions. We deliver a human experience that is second to none. We are a driver of culture and a leader of experiences that fuel conversations about the evolution of spaces and the impact on people.

With locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Louisville, RCF Group focuses on providing a tailored experience for our clients, gaining insight through listening sessions to understand their business culture, needs, and challenges, and providing comprehensive solutions through our Furniture and Furnishings, Architectural Interiors, and Facilities Services solutions.

RCF Group is a Haworth Best In Class dealer and has over 300+ partnerships with manufacturers spanning over 7 markets throughout the USA. We pride ourselves on our noncommissioned, single point of contact expertise, uninterrupted project flow and installation methods that continue to deliver success.