Architectural Interiors

Flooring + Raised Access Flooring

Our experienced team of flooring experts provides the planning and complete project approach needed to ensure your project's success. Library quiet and rock solid yet beautiful enough to leave bare, our raised access flooring accommodates underfloor air and technology for adaptability and maximum performance.

Our raised access flooring is also 100% reusable. When used with underfloor air, the space below the floor becomes the plenum, requiring up to 80% less ductwork than conventional HVAC. System changes are easy and eliminate waste.

With an incredible range of aesthetic possibilities, raised access flooring encourages exceptional design freedom all while playing a key role in projects seeking certification under the LEED Rating System.

  • Carpet
  • Resilient
  • Ceramic & Stone
  • Resinous
  • Hardwood
  • Athletic
Moveable Walls

Moveable Walls are designed to support changing business needs and produce a more receptive space. With a comprehensive range of options including wood, glass, frameless glass, and fabric, moveable walls offer:

  • Integration with the building
  • Complete scalability
  • Unitized construction
  • Ongoing savings
  • Maximized design freedom
  • Custom fit to exact specifications
Blinds + Window Shades

Window Shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool a building. Motorized window shades can automatically adjust to compensate for the changing shade requirements throughout the day. FlexShades can also contribute to LEED points and credits. In addition, shades can reduce or eliminate uncomfortable glare for workers, while still allowing ambient sunlight, and view through to the outside. Options for blinds include bead chain clutch, crank, spring roller, and motorized roller-operated shades.


Get comfortable and get your work done. Wherever you work in your office, do it with great ease, efficiency and ergonomic comfort. Our tools let you organize your workflow on the fly and help you personalize your productivity. It begins with reclaiming valuable desktop real estate by taking advantage of unused vertical space and depth. Adjustable arms allow monitors to be ideally positioned for each user. Our full line of monitor arms allows you to easily customize the angle, depth and height of the monitor for maximum benefit. Height adjustable work surfaces and Articulated Keyboard Pads (AKP) help to better accommodate users.

  • Collaborative Tools
  • Lighting 
  • Work Tools
  • Signage 
Sound Masking

Sound masking has been found to be the most cost effective acoustical solution for increasing worker concentration and protecting confidentiality. Other benefits of sound masking include:  

  • Increase speech privacy
  • Reduce noise disruption
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce product costs
  • Increased facility flexibility
  • Simultaneously page and music output