Case Studies

Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc.

Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc. (ATC), an independent information technology consulting firm was looking to move its headquarters from West Chester Township into a 7,000 SF space on the fourth floor at the Offices at Liberty Center. Working with M+A Architects, RCF Group was brought into the project to supply furniture and furnishings for the new space that enhances their brand experience new ways of working in both collaborative settings as well as private, heads down environments.

Challenged with a tight timeline and many decisions that needed to be made, RCF Group quickly engaged ATC and M+A Architects in a Design In Real Time (DIRT) session at their offices. This event allowed all partners to quickly dialogue on the design decisions, implications of changes, and ultimately shorten a lengthy project schedule into just a few short working weeks.

Armed with the decisions made in the DIRT session, RCF Group and team were able to furnish a space that supports future growth and reflects their culture and brand, with flexibility for changing needs as the business continues to grow and culture and workstyles continue to evolve.

Included in the new headquarters location are private offices, workstations, conference rooms, lounge collaboration settings, and a flex room that fully opens to the cafe in order to easily host large, all company meetings or host external events.

Case Studies