Case Studies


After a recent rebranding, ArtsWave, a nonprofit organization fueling the arts in the Greater Cincinnati area located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, needed to incorporate their new brand experience and refreshed furnishings to support their updated workstyles in driving the arts within our community. RCF Group, a long-time trusted partner to ArtsWave also having been on the 2022 campaign board and co-chairing the 2023 campaign, joined architecture firm, GBBN, to provide an updated space that is on-brand and within budget.

Aiming to bring the new brand to life in a physical environment and providing an updated experience for the organization and community, GBBN delivered a design that concentrated on experiential graphics, organizing departments, and balancing social spaces with focus spaces. RCF Group worked hand-in-hand with the design team as well as ArtsWave through Design in Real Time sessions to choose the furniture and finishes that best delivered on representing the brand and providing the desired functionality and comfort. Together, the teams designed a space that is inclusive and impactful while emphasizing the brand and staying within budget.