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Cincinnati, OH

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ArtsWave began as the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts, founded in 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. and Anna Sinton Taft. The Tafts believed that Cincinnati could truly distinguish itself through a deep investment in its cultural assets, and the original Institute’s mission was “to further the musical and artistic education and culture for the people of Cincinnati.” Included was a $1 million endowment for the arts, contingent on raising $2.5 million in matching funds from the community. The people of Cincinnati responded and the endowment was created.

In 1949, in response to the financial difficulties of some local arts organizations, and the continued erosion of endowment funds, the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts established the Fine Arts Fund as an annual, community-wide campaign in support of four local arts organizations:

• Cincinnati Art Museum
• Cincinnati Opera
• Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
• Taft Museum

Case Studies