Case Studies

Houston-Johnson, Inc. (HJI), a WMBE, is based in #Louisville, Kentucky and has been providing logistics services to leading corporations since 1994. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, HJI leadership was challenged with enticing employees to return to the office while also moving to a new location. Acting on their commitment to support other qualified minority-based businesses, HJI worked with RCF Group to select furniture and furnishings as well as provide soundmasking to their new office space.  

HJI envisioned their new office space as a comfortable, welcoming environment with casual work areas configured with a focus on a “resi-mercial” style. RCF Group provided workstations, private offices, huddle rooms, collaboration areas, dining spaces, modular furniture, and a Playroom with a sofa, TV, and bean bag chairs. Working with the client team through multiple Design in Real Time Sessions, RCF Group delivered a completely new headquarters on time and within budget that is both comfortable and functional to meet the needs of HJI’s employees.   

“Carl Satterwhite and RCF Group is a great example of a Black business owner using his voice and platform to create synergies between MBEs. RCF Group’s entrance into the Louisville market is exciting for me as I look forward to seeing RCF Group take their learnings from the Cincinnati and Cleveland markets and apply them here as they begin working with other diverse suppliers in our region.”  

- Condrad Daniels, President, HJI Solutions

“This is the first time we have had standalone corporate center outside of our distribution center so it was important that HJI created a space that made sense. There was a lot of pressure on me to get it right, but RCF Group was able to carry that burden and I felt confident in their decisions. We did not realize how much energy an environment like this would bring to our people and are excited to come to work everyday in a space that is invigorating with so many different types of spaces to work within.” 

- Condrad Daniels, President, HJI Solutions