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INC Research
Austin, TX


Client Space

INC Research is a full-service clinical research organization, providing the full range of Phase I to IV clinical development services for the world’s pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.  They believe that therapeutic and operational experience forms the foundation for taking medicines successfully through clinical development.  INC Research has several locations and conducts global clinical trials across six continents.

RCF Group has a rich history partnering with INC Research. Through years as a trusted advisor, RCF Group helped to develop the workstation furniture standard at several INC Research facilities. When INC Research, Austin was ready to implement a new furniture standard and create an updated, fresh space to promote their brand, we stepped up to provide solutions that met their needs as well as those of the landlord.  RCF Group worked directly alongside construction crews brought in by the landlord to ensure project timelines were met or exceeded.

INC Research’s main objective for this project was to incorporate current workspace trends such as: better technology instead of a larger workspace, open collaborative environments, shared amenities and balance between face to face and virtual meetings. Through listening sessions, RCF Group was able to gather specific information from INC Research and provide a solution that meets their unique needs.

An important  feature at INC Research’s Austin location was a de-mountable frameless glass solution. RCF Group incorporated this glass to provide privacy for high level executives while still carrying the open office concept throughout the space. Haworth’s Enclose Frameless Glass Wall System was the perfect solution to meet their need. 

RCF Group created a consistent, campus-wide environment that uses graphics, brand appropriate colors, signage alongside furniture solutions to make navigation feel intuitive. This ensured consistency and reduced clutter while expressing the friendly, open and approachable nature of the brand.

RCF Group Provided
Architectural Interiors
Furniture & Furnishings
Move Management
Decommissioning of Previous Location
Brokerage of Existing Furniture

Case Studies