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A New Operations Center for Kemba Credit Union

RCF Group and Haworth are proud to be part of the innovative, collaborative team that participated in Kemba Credit Union’s new Operations Center project. This unique process included peopleforward planning, human-centered design, and member-focused delivery.

  • 150,000 square feet
  • $28,000,000
  • Consolidates 3 Kemba offices throughout the region into one central location

People-Forward Planning

Planning for the new Operations Center started with a simple question: What does the Kemba team need this space to do? The project team didn't just ask that question of the C-suite. Instead, they asked members of the Kemba team—even considering the needs of those working outside the Operation Center in the branches. Kemba staff weighed in on many aspects of planning and design to ensure they could efficiently collaborate and serve members:

  • Floor layout

  • The layout of each workspace

  • Selection of bookcases, chairs and desks

The project team kept track of all the furniture input and design adjustments by using Bluescape, a visual collaboration tool RCF Group utilizes in partnership with Haworth. Bluescape allowed the team to record and track every decision made and share each new design in real-time. This kept the process running smoothly through every iteration from early concept ideas to the final, finished product.

Human-Centered Design

While the planning centered around people-focused operational needs, design centered around the human needs of Kemba staff. To maximize the amount of natural light carried into the building:

  • The exterior is almost entirely glass

  • Offices were brought into the center of the building

  • Workspaces and central meeting places were pushed to the outside of the layout

The design also promotes a healthier way of office working. Intentional details throughout allow movement freely from floor-to-floor and department-to-department to promote both collaboration and improved well-being:

  • A large central staircase, with lots of light and warmth, connects each building floor

  • Desks were all fitted with a standing option, further freeing employees from the traditionally sedentary workday

Lastly, the workspaces, meeting spaces, and floor layout were designed with flexibility and built with a vision for the future. Modular workspaces allow Kemba to adapt and grow the office as it adapts and grows its departments.

Member-Focused Delivery
Planning and design required a heavy lift, and Kemba leadership and the project team were committed to collaboration and a people-first process. Taking the time to understand both operational and human needs means that Kemba now has a space where its people, services and members can thrive. The building reflects Kemba’s desire to be a place where employees want to work, build relationships and let members know they can receive the highest quality service and safely place their trust.

“The design was a commitment to the people who work there. Kemba leadership was committed to creating a space where people could connect and thrive.” –Jim Guthrie, Hub + Weber Architects

Case Studies