Case Studies

LDG Development

LDG Development, an affordable-housing developer, is expanding its footprint in Louisville, Kentucky by establishing a new headquarters in the historic Madrid Building located in downtown Louisville’s central business district. LDG Development has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years and the new location will help them meet the demand of their expanding workforce while also demonstrating their commitment to helping revitalize the community.

Upon purchasing the Madrid Building, LDG Development partnered with Olympia Design and The Design Studio, LLC to complete their new space. It was quickly discovered during demolition that the raised flooring throughout the building was a Haworth product. The team then reached out to RCF Group to learn more about the product and see if they could purchase additional pieces for the renovation. Although the flooring product is no longer owned by Haworth, connections were reestablished between RCF Group and the LDG Development team and additional needs for the project were uncovered.

LDG Development, Olympia Design, and The Design Studio swiftly decided to partner with RCF Group to help them procure the new products necessary to furnish their new headquarters. Not only was it important to LDG Development to partner with a Minority Business Enterprise, but time was of the essence and movement on picking new furniture needed to begin.

Working closely with The Design Studio to pull together finish selections and furniture options, RCF Group placed an emphasis on not only the aesthetics of their options, but also the lead times for each product. Meeting their schedule was of top priority. For much of the furniture, LDG Development stuck with their already established furniture standards, but were not afraid to push the aesthetics to a cozy resimmercial style in the more public areas. Interestingly, LDG Development requires all private offices with no workstations. The final space compliments the charm of the architecture of the original Madrid Building with open ceilings in each of the private offices on the top floor due to a vaulted ceiling. The mixture of metals, woods, and rich upholstery and leather for the fabrics, as well as a biophilia wall and unique lighting features pull together a cool-vibe atmosphere within the new café, conference rooms, private offices, small collaboration spaces, breakout spaces, casual seating, and more. 

Case Studies