Case Studies

Louisville Urban League

RCF Group partnered with the Louisville Urban League (LUL) to help bring to life their new Sports & Learning Center. With the goal to not only clean up the contamination in the brownfield, LUL set out to establish a sustainable business facility that would bring economic development to the neighborhood and bring hope to the community.

As a new certified MBE in the Louisville area, RCF Group was approached to provide furniture throughout the facility. Working with Browne Engineering and Construction and the leadership at LUL, RCF Group was also asked if they would be willing to go beyond their standard service offering and venture into providing Design Integration services. It was realized by everyone that there were many members of the wholistic team with numerous parts and pieces of the project, and it was essential that there was one set of eyes that ensured that all of the partners’ designs were working together cohesively. This meant that every partner – graphics, interior design, architecture, etc. – would have to go through an approval process with not only the leadership at LUL but also with RCF Group.

Committed to the success of the facility, even with setbacks caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic and trauma from ongoing civil unrest across the nation, the entire team met regularly over video chat throughout the duration of the project. At first, and throughout the process, it was most important to the success of each team to just listen. Listen to the needs of the community, listen to the vision of the LUL, listen to each team member and their dedication to the success of this community—it immediately became clear that this facility will not only be a sports complex, but also a sign of hope for the community and a campus that celebrates Black excellence in America. 

On almost every wall and flat surface you can find a tribute to a Black athlete, agitator, and/or activist that has made an impact on the world. Sponsor and donor recognition also became important; without these people and organizations committing their dollars to the success of the facility, it would not be able to have the impact it is having on its surrounding community.

The completed $53 million facility at 30th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville, Kentucky has 90,000 SF of floor space with a 4,100 seat, 200 meter banked indoor track and a 400-meter outdoor track and field stadium. In addition to the track and field facilities, the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center also has a four-lane mini-bowling alley, an interactive rock-climbing wall, and a multipurpose space that is used for educational programming.


RCF Group Services Provide:

  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Landscape Management
  • Experiential Graphic Design
  • Design Integration

“On what was once an uninhabitable brownfield, now sits the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center, filling a void in the local, regional, national, and international track and field community. The facility is spurring economic and community growth for Black businesses and families, igniting a culture of change that passes asset and wealth building down to future generations.” Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center Website

Case Studies