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RCF Group - Tremont Office
Cleveland, Ohio

Client Space

The RCF Group underwent a relocation of our Cleveland office & showroom in 2014. Moving from a 20,000 sf space in downtown Cleveland we reduced our overall footprint by moving into a 7,900 sf renovated church in the historic and artsy Tremont neighborhood. Our Lady of Mercy was opened in October 1949 and was home to Slovak-American parishioners referred to it as “the Little Cathedral” due to resemblance to St John Cathedral in downtown Cleveland. In 2010, Our Lady of Mercy Church was closed as a part of Bishop Lennon’s parish re-organization plan. And only a few years later it now emerges as a 3-building complex and a textbook example of how to re-use and re-purpose old spaces.

Recognizing that space helps support productivity and engagement, RCF Group conducted workspace surveys to evaluate our current organizations culture. We defined our preferred culture and work style and created a workspace that delivered a higher degree of flexibility and increased collaborative areas, enhancing team productivity. Our space aligns with our business performance requirements and represents today's workplace trends. Our use of raised access flooring provides increased flexibility for future reconfigurations by allowing on-demand changes with data and electric. We offer healthier workspace environments with sit-to-stand workstations, a fitness room and a neighborhood that encourages walking and exposure to nature.

RCF Group Tremont Showroom Products
Seating by Haworth
Task: Very, Zody, Lively
Lounge: Openest, Chick Pouf, Harbor Lounge, Low Pad, Feather Sofa, Quadra Sofa
Stools: High Pad, Tilt Stools

Case Studies