Haworth Collection

A world-class offering of lifestyle designs

The Haworth Collection is a global exploration of inspiring design and refined craftsmanship.

Leveraging tradition and innovation of design from around the world, the Haworth Collection includes artfully designed pieces from the Cappellini, Cassina, GAN, Haworth, Pablo and Poltrona Frau brands to create inspiring spaces where people feel grounded, invigorated, and empowered.

This carefully curated, always evolving selection of furniture, lighting, and furnishings represents more than 100 years of design heritage and fresh designs from world-renowned innovators, offering you an array of choices for any environment. 


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From its roots in 1946, the Italian firm Cappellini has risen to become synonymous with creativity and quality. Championing the work of experimental designers from a wide range of backgrounds, the Cappellini collection includes heterogeneous elements that come together with great harmony.

While there is no single “Cappellini style,” products in the collection are recognized for their sense of refined simplicity that leaves space for individual interpretation. While pieces have been honored by New York’s MoMA, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and others, the products have been created for daily use. It is a collection of classical contemporaries that possess life, light and a touch of humor.


At the heart of Italian industrial design for generations, Cassina is a leading light in the world of modern furnishings. Cassina has successfully fused traditional carpentry and craftsmanship with new materials and sophisticated manufacturing, resulting in stimulating concepts produced to the highest quality.

Each element in the Cassina collection reveals the company’s mission to embrace diverse languages, cultures, and ideas, and ample space is given to far-sighted experimentation with style and materials. This results in surprising opportunities for expression. Cassina has been in relationship with Le Corbusier and Fondation le Corbusier since the 1960’s producing the licensed authentic product to the designer’s original specifications.


GAN is a concept firmly rooted in design and based around handmade products. GAN rugs are not merely objects—they are a system of shapes and volumes that redefine the concept of habitability. Through our continued partnership with Patricia Urquiola, our GAN rug collection is an exclusive offering of her unique designs and colorways.

GAN rugs are gently made by hand, piece by piece. Each is created in India by experienced craftsmen who use natural fibers like cotton and wool to bring a designer’s vision to life. Employing artisans in India helps develop the local economy and the communities where they are present. GAN is an active participant in child protection programs and sponsors a women’s development project in a rural setting.


Haworth Collection includes pieces from Haworth, created through partnerships with global designers and Haworth's own internal design studio.

Drawing on resources and knowledge from around the world, the Haworth Design Studio collaborates with research and development partners to identify, develop, and launch new and breakthrough innovations that help you create inspiring spaces where people can perform their best—at work, on the go, and at home.

Pablo Designs

Following the belief that the right light can transform any environment, Pablo Designs creates lasting solutions that provide a lifetime of illumination. Their products are inspired by the purity of light’s essence and its ability to reveal and define environments. Pablo Designs fuses beauty and utility with the ultimate goal of enhancing your daily lighting experiences.

Embracing a less-is-more ideology, Pablo Designs frequently challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions distilled down to their essence, form and light. A common thread links each design—valuing permanence and sustainability, and discarding the disposable mindset so prevalent today. Pablo Designs is rooted in a mission to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environments.

Poltrona Frau

Backed by great history and tradition, the Italian design firm Poltrona Frau lives in the present. Since 1929, the name has been associated with superior design, particularly in seating. The company combines traditional materials such as wood, metal, and exclusive Pelle Frau® leather with modern elements such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

Poltrona Frau furnishings convey intimate and timeless elegance—the result of generations-old handwork and artistry applied to even to the most modern designs. This heritage of knowledge and skill is captured within each piece of the brand’s furniture.