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Haworth and RCF Group Share Decades of Partnership

As a best in class dealer, our strategic partnership with Haworth allows us to craft spaces that result in effective people and efficient real estate. By leveraging Haworth's innovative designs and RCF Group's dedication to personalized service, our clients benefit from unparalleled choices and solutions that are tailored to their space, meet their goals, and enable their people to do their best work.


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Inspiring spaces that enrich lives and businesses around the world.

Whether defining new technology, advancing the seated experience, or envisioning new ways of working, innovation and design form the foundation for our exploration of the ideal future workspace and how contemporary office furniture can embrace current research and design for the workspaces of the future. Knowledge gained from our research and our network of experts builds science + design into our products, addressing how we help clients today and two generations from now. Haworth specializes in contemporary office furniture that is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the workspace. This curated assortment of corporate office furniture builds on the Haworth tradition of smart design that supports dynamic work environments.


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Pioneers and experts in acoustic solutions to support well-being

BuzziSpace creates acoustic solutions, furniture, and lighting products for the changing workplace and the hybrid way of working. This small and mighty team believes “acoustic solutions shouldn’t be ugly.” BuzziSpace collaborates with talented designers, providing the building blocks for well-thought-out happy and healthy spaces anywhere.


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Design excellence, rooted in the history of modern classics with a vision toward the future

Always future focused, Cassina addresses contemporary lifestyles with the creation of complete and harmonious atmospheres. Its constant commitment to research and innovation, combining technological skill and traditional craftsmanship, is embodied in a unique, eclectic collection that spans over 12 decades of design excellence.


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An icon of modern design with a passion for experimentation

Cappellini has become synonymous for contemporary and avant-garde design, featuring a collection marked by creativity and expertise, combined with a passion for experimentation. The brand has become known for its instantly recognizable designs. Quality and craftsmanship lead the way, from each unique design profile to how it's made.


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Design creativity brought to life by skilled artisans

GAN incorporates fresh designs, colorways, and techniques—all brought to life by the hands of skilled artisans. This ecosystem of innovation emerges from international designers who reinterpret the application of traditional techniques to contemporary designs. GAN rugs are not merely objects—they are a system of shapes and spaces that redefine the concept of craft.


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JANUS et Cie

Indoor elegance and outdoor performance, inspired by nature

JANUS et Cie is an industry leader in design-driven furnishings for the outdoors, delivering nature’s inspiration to built environments to support connection, balance, and well-being. JANUS et Cie is committed to what’s next—not only in materials and engineering, but also in supporting the future needs of individuals and organizations.


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Pablo Designs

Lighting that transforms any environment

Pablo Designs blends lighting innovation with leadership in interiors to ensure every space fulfills its potential and purpose. Their mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environments. Established with the vision that the right light can transform any environment, Pablo Designs creates lasting solutions that provide a lifetime of illumination, usefulness, and discovery.


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Poltrona Frau

Founded in 1912, one brand with three souls: handmade in Italy furnishings, custom solutions for public and private spaces, and luxury interiors for cars, aviation and yachting

Poltrona Frau is a beautiful blend of heritage, elegant creativity, handwork, technology, and the finest materials, including leather. It is quintessentially Italian—with over 110 years of heritage in crafting upholstered furnishing and accessories for homes and public spaces, as well as servicing and upholstering interiors for the luxury automotive, aviation, and yachting sectors.


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Sustainable simplicity—American made

“Begin with what’s left over, turn it into what will last.” This is the principle on which American furniture maker Emeco was founded. Emeco continues this philosophy by exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources. The result: simple, timeless furniture that sits lightly on the planet—indoors and out.


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A movement company, giving people freedom for how they work

Ergotron is a global company focused on improving how people work, learn, play, and care for others. As a pioneer in ergonomic solutions for office, healthcare, and education, Ergotron designs innovative products, helping people thrive through movement and adaptability. Ergotron moves toward earth-friendly policies that not only help people, but also the world we live in.


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A sound choice for new ways of working

Acoustic insulation of the human voice is Hushoffice’s expertise—it’s all about the perfect balance. Serving an international market, Hushoffice analyzes global workspace trends and best practices to understand what people need: interior solutions that are flexible by design. Hushoffice acoustic pods provide adaptable, ergonomic solutions that give people control over their work and daily activities.


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A haven for the curious, devoted to curating environments and experiences that uplift the human spirit through unparalleled design

Luminaire stands as a haven for the curious, a destination for exploration devoted to curating environments that uplift the human spirit. Anchored in a unified philosophy, our methodology encompasses design education, boundless inspiration, and impeccable execution. This foundational framework permeates every dimension of our commitment, spotlighting our resolve to democratize access to unparalleled design experiences.


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Haworth Health

Putting People at the Center

Haworth works with health systems to create spaces where people can flourish. Through decades of experience, we understand that patients, caregivers, community, and administrative staff each contribute to transformative healthcare outcomes. We collaborate with designers and customers to create exceptional spaces that meet their unique needs—now and in the future.


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Personalized, quality wood furniture for the refined workplace

From the beginning, Tuohy’s purpose has been the same—to provide furnishings that make people’s lives more productive, more pleasing, and more treasured. Tuohy specializes in personalized solutions in casegoods, conference tables, and seating that grace the boardrooms and private offices of some of the largest companies in the world. 


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