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New Product
Cabana™ Lounge

Coming Soon!

The first sofa system truly designed to deliver optimal user performance, comfort, and design to create unique destinations to work.

New Product
Lyda™ Sofa

Coming Soon!

Refined sofa that brings together the sophistication of materials and a residential design sense.

New Product
Haworth Digital Knits

From fashion to furniture: Advanced digital knitting technology for interior furnishings.

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Design & Innovation

Produced using state-of-the-art digital knitting machines and custom fiber compositions—based on our specific requirements for strength, durability, and softness—Haworth Knits offer new and unexpected textile possibilities. Removing typical design constraints, knits provide more freedom to create striking, unique pieces with patterns, colors, textures, and performance elements unavailable elsewhere.


Zero Waste

And because Haworth Knits are engineered to exact dimensions, there is no cutting or leftover material, producing a perfectly-sized, zero-waste result that supports organizational sustainability efforts. Haworth Knits are the embodiment of design and innovation—creating workspaces with the residential warmth people are drawn to. 


Coming Soon

Knit back options for Zody® and Fern® desk chairs are currently in development and slated to be available soon. 

New Product
Be_Hold™ Storage

Coming Soon!

New levels of refinement for tomorrow’s office in a complete storage solution.

New Product

The PopUp community table provides a compact surface for individuals or small groups in a variety of spaces—from cafés to open office areas and private enclaves. With a range of organic shapes, widths, and heights, PopUp helps create inviting spaces that support collaborative work or socializing.

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Impromptu Collaboration

PopUp is a key element to support a culture of collaboration, fostering innovation and helping people perform their best. Optional casters enable mobility to arrange this multipurpose table according to activities and needs.


Visual Choice

PopUp fits into your office landscape to provide variety and choice for people at work. Create visual continuity—from individual workstations to collaborative spaces—with finish options that make PopUp blend in or contrast with your space design.


Active Comfort

PopUp helps people feel physically comfortable and well supported with counter- or bar-height options to support posture changes in the workplace. A foot rail is standard for ergonomic support. Accessories such as wire management and hooks keep the table surface uncluttered.

New Product
Belong Plus Privacy Screens

Transform open-plan workspaces to support both individual and group work. Belong Plus screens offer a degree of privacy and space delineation with a warm aesthetic, while tackability keeps materials visibly accessible for focused work and collaboration.

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Support for Focus and Collaboration

Belong Plus screens reduce visual distractions for people in freestanding, benching, and spine-based workstations to provide an element of privacy for individual work. Their minimal scale and open feel invite the communication necessary to support group efforts, team bonding, and engagement—all leading to increased innovation and success.


Personalized Spaces

Belong Plus screens offer people personalization and control over their individual workspaces. The screens create visual barriers to help define personal space and allow reference materials, information, and work tools to be physically posted, making them easily accessible for organization, learning, and sharing.


Warm Simplicity

Belong Plus screens are fabric wrapped, keeping the frame hidden from view to offer offer clean lines and warm aesthetic. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, they coordinate with any environment—blending in for a subtle, downplayed look or adding interest with a pop of color.

New Product
Compose Beam

Today’s workspaces must be versatile, supporting collaboration and communication, as well as individual work. Compose Beam is a freestanding, light-scale, spine-based system solution that provides the versatility and functionality people desire for today’s workstyles and the ever-changing work environment.

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Progressive, Light-Scale Design

With its clean, contemporary aesthetic, Compose Beam creates dynamic environments where people can—and want to—do their best work. The open, inviting design inspires creativity and enhances the social connection people desire, helping them feel grounded, invigorated, and empowered at work.


All the Essentials, and Then Some

Especially in shared spaces, it’s important to accommodate a range of workstyles, connectivity needs, and ergonomic preferences. Compose Beam lets you arrange height-adjustable, fixed-height, and mobile worksurfaces in a variety of configurations that allow people to stay comfortable as they move from task to task throughout the day. Essential power and data are easily accessible from the beam, providing the ability to plug in and connect without disrupting workflow.


Efficiency for Open Plans

Utilizing the versatility of a spine-based system, Compose Beam optimizes space in open plans with a variety of workstation options that cater to the diverse needs of today’s workstyles. The off-modular beam provides application flexibility, allowing surfaces, screens, and tools to be placed at any point along the beam, then added or removed as needed.

New Product

Soji™ brings your body and mind into sync—so you can enjoy healthier levels of performance, no matter where you work. Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair with more ergonomic options than most in its class—without sacrificing comfort or design. 

New Product
Bandas Space by GAN

Bandas Space is a new iteration of what it means to be modular. An ingenious system blends soft seating with coordinating runners and pillows. When paired together, the runners and seating give the impression that the furniture flows right into the floor.

New Product

Maari™ introduces active work chairs and the timeless wood base side chair from its family of seating. Designed to bring balance to the workplace, Maari offers a soft shape that creates aesthetic continuity, inviting warmth, and comfort for short-term seating applications—from conference and training rooms to touchdown and ancillary spaces.

New Product
Kvadrat Fabics

For many years Haworth has had a partnership with Kvadrat in Europe and Asia Pacific. We are now pleased to be aligning our global brands in North America. The first textiles Haworth will offer through this partnership are Floyd and Melange Nap. 

New Product

Cultivate™ is a multi-functional table that nurtures a sense of community at work through personal connection and collaboration. Expressive yet restrained, minimal yet compelling, Cultivate encourages open communication, allows creativity to flow, and invites people to gather together while sitting or standing.